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KR Shipping bags Duqm Port Authority awards

Khimji Ramdas Shipping won two prestigious awards from the Port of Duqm Authority, for the company’s role in growing business for both the Duqm Dry Dock and its adjoining port.

“We are greatly honored and privileged to receive not only one, but two awards for our achievements at the Duqm dry dock and port. We thank the Port Authority for rewarding our hard-work, dedication and diligence. It keeps us motivated to continue moving forward and develop the dry dock and port into a major port hub for Oman and the region,” said M.C. Jose, CEO, Projects & Logistics Group, Khimji Ramdas.

KR Shipping, he added, has always functioned in the role of both business development partner and global ambassador for the Duqm port, actively promoting its position as a prominent port of call for industrial cargo and transshipment purposes.

“We have been involved in the development of the dry dock right from the get-go, spreading awareness about it globally. KR was proactive in letting the world know that there was a dry dock coming up in Oman that would be of great interest to businesses around the world because of its strategic location,” he added.

The company, he emphasised, was diligent in keeping trade partners apprised of the progress made at the Duqm dry dock, such as the number of ships coming in and how many vessels KR Shipping handled. “One of the challenges we faced was the dry dock being located 600 km away from the airport, but we overcame it by building investor confidence in the project which ultimately won more clients for the dry dock,” he said.

“On the naval side of it, we are already handling around 80 per cent of the ships that come to Omani waters. Here too we have promoted the port of Duqm as a viable alternative for naval ships requiring longer port stays,” he added.

M.C. Jose concluded by highlighting that, As Duqm continues to grow into one of the country’s important center for trade and business, KR Shipping will have further opportunities for steering businesses on board the region’s massive growth and expansion.