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Kuwait Airport sees 28 per cent growth in number of passengers

Total number of flights arriving and leaving reached 9,013 in July

Kuwait International Airport has seen an increase in passenger traffic by 28 per cent during the month of July 2015, according to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

The number of passengers using the airport reached 993,194 in July 2015, compared with 776,161 in the same month last year, reports Kuwaiti news agency, KUNA.

The Directorate states that arriving passengers amounted to 383,900 during July, compared with 296,000 during the same month in 2014, while departing passengers hit 609,200, compared with 480,000 during the same month last year.

It reports that the total number of flights arriving and leaving from Kuwait International Airport reached 9,013 in July, compared with 7,279 in the same month of 2014.

The Directorate adds that the number of the arriving and departing commercial flights, during the same month, reached 8,520, compared with the 6,799 in July in 2014.