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Kuwait’s liquefied natural gas imports to increase 17 per cent

“There is an ambitious plan to expand electricity generation capacity in the country”

An executive of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) revealed on Friday that Kuwait’s imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are on track to rise by roughly 17 per cent.

Sheikh Khalid Al-Sabah, manager of naphtha, petrol, LPG sales at KPC, says that Kuwait’s imports of LNG will rise to three million tonnes in 2015, backed by the growing competitiveness of this type of fuel compared with gas oil, reports Alkhaleej Online.

The country has imported approximately 2.5 million tonnes in 2014 through a floating facility that Kuwait rents during the months of peak energy demand – from March to November, with an option to extend for an additional month.

Al-Sabah says: “The option of extending the lease contract of the floating facility, which ends in 2019, is under discussion and it will be added to a land port to import LNG and is scheduled to start operations in 2020.”
He adds: “There is an ambitious plan to expand the electricity generation capacity in Kuwait.”