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Lausanne Tourism Authority, Dnata sign agreement

This agreement will contribute to increasing the flow of visitors to the Lausanne during the summer

Holding an interview with Mr. Walter Looser Adviser to the Tourism Authority of Lausanne, Switzerland, he mentioned that their participation in the 2015 Arabian Travel Market exhibition which was held in Dubai last week, has helped them achieve positive results in the region.

Most notably the agreement signing with holidays company Dnata to promote special summer getaway packages for families residing in the UAE and the Gulf region, starting after the holy month of Ramadan.

“Through Dnata, these packages include the provision of special offers to customers with an overall package for accommodation, dinning and sightseeing in Lausanne throughout a number of hotels during the summer season starting July until the end of September 2015,” he said.

Pointing out: that “This agreement will contribute to increasing the flow of visitors to the Lausanne during the summer and holiday season this year.”

He said: that “The UAE is ranked the second market after Saudi Arabia in the number of tourists who spend their holidays in Switzerland and Lausanne from the Gulf countries and the Middle East, followed by Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.”

He noted: “In this regard the high numbers of tourist witnessed in Lausanne by 38 per cent last year from 2013 as the number of visitors from the UAE and the GCC countries to Switzerland rose by 23 per cent in 2014.”

He said: that “12 per cent of tourists who visited Lausanne last year were from the United Arab Emirates. And he stressed the strive to provide more high-end tourism services to visitors from the Gulf region, especially in the coming summer. The tourism Authority of Lausanne is determined on promoting the city’s tourism products, especially in areas of business, education, holiday and medical tourism.”

Pointing out the number of hotels in the city, Looser, said: “Lausanne currently has 67 hotels and 3,900 hotel rooms; occupancy rates reach up to 86 per cent annually. The opening of the Royal Savoy a five-star hotel wonder is expected to occur this August 2015.”

Lausanne is also expecting to open Aquarius hotel by July 2015, which includes the largest Aquarium in Europe with a wonderful collection of marine fish.

He referred to the reopening of the Olympic Museum which underwent expansion and development process worth 30 million US dollars, he said that this year marks the centenary celebrations of the establishment of the Olympic Committee in Lausanne.

He said: “The city of Lausanne is the right place to entertain the whole family, as it is situated in the heart of Europe’s fourth-largest city in Switzerland and has all the basic components of a relaxing holiday.”

“Lausanne is a well-known health care city in Switzerland, as it includes a wide range of services in the health and beauty care; there are many fitness programs in addition to many nutritional programs,” Looser added.

He concluded his statement by saying, “There are many touristic destinations for the entire family, such as vineyards, castles and villages that date back to the Middle Ages, wonderful trips on a traditional boat or a panoramic train, as well as hiking across the giant Alps, and visits to the salt mines or underground lakes.”