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The LG G7 ThinQ is in. Bad name but not such a bad thing

This phone has it all and something no one even expected; a speaker that is ten times louder than any phone on the market, as per LG’s claims.

LG also has the notch, which every phone released this year incorporated within it (except Samsung).

The LG G7 ThinQ is a mouthful, but what matters at the end of the day is its functionalities.

Look what happened to beautifully named “Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch”.

That phone failed.

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I am going to call it the G7 for the entirety of the review.

We researched the reviews that came out at the NYC event, yesterday; and particularly those coming from Marques Brownlee, Mr. Mobile, and Android Authority.

Here are all the details.

What does the G7 have that others do not?

It has an LCD screen, but consumers are usually accustomed to the AMOLED or OLED panels in Samsungs, previous LG models, and even Apple iPhones.

The G7, on the other hand, has an LCD panel that puts all those to shame: The blacks are incredibly Inky (just like OLEDs and Amoleds), the colors are true to life (the main feature of LCD panels), and consumers would not even have to worry about burn-in.

The G7 has an AI Camera that we have seen in the previous V30 and G6, LG phones.

The AI Camera can detect and name specific objects displayed on the screen, and it can automatically adjust colors and other qualities to deliver the best possible picture.

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Afterward, you can also categorize pictures into albums.

Let’s say you have five photos of a butterfly scattered everywhere on your phone.

The AI will then detect and combine all of them into a single album.


The camera, unlike other phones, has a small bump, almost unnoticeable, home to 2 – 16 MP cameras with the same Sony sensor but with slightly different apertures and one of them has a wide-angle of 107 degrees view (f/1.6 for low light photos, and f/1.9 for the wide-angle camera).

The G7 has a new speaker system that has a resonating chamber, which will bounce sound inside the phone and offer higher bass levels on any surface you place the phone on.

The phone has IP68 which means dropping water on the device will not harm it.

The pricing was also not announced.

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How is LG doing financially?

LG posted their financials for the first quarter of 2018 and achieved record-breaking numbers, according to LG’s official site.

Revenues amounted to about $14 billion, and operating profits reached $1 billion.

The mobile division did not do well.

Operating profits in LG’s mobile division in the fourth quarter of 2017 were at a negative $190 million, compared to the $330 million in the previous quarter, according to their website.