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LG: Innovation for better lives and lifestyles

Consumers seeking to maintain a unique, personalised lifestyle are driving technology companies like LG to pay further attention to not just perfecting a product’s functions but also its aesthetics.

“This year’s focus is not merely about product utility, as products have begun to take on aesthetic elements that serve little in the way of function but lend devices an aura of class and stylish sophistication. Therefore, lifestyle benefits and social status are seen to be key drivers as more and more consumers use forward-thinking technology to denote their lifestyle,” Yong Geun Choi, president of LG Electronics Gulf, said ahead of the IFA 2016, an international consumer electronics trade show set to be held from September 2 to 7 in Berlin, Germany.

“As a thought leader in consumer electronics and home appliances, LG is cognizant of the tremendous trendsetting role IFA plays in the industry,” Choi added.

Ahead of the show, LG highlights some of the top consumer trends and innovations the tech world will be witnessing during the IFA and beyond:

Unifying IoT at work and home

While IoT (Internet of Things) applications might be in the infancy stages for B2C brands, LG predicts that industry players should prepare for the next wave of brand innovation now, as it expects the innovation powered by sensors and connectivity to explode beyond mobile.

According to the technology giant, IoT will allow brands to get personal with their consumers, further pushing marketers to craft memorable experiences.

LG has released LG Signature, a new line of premium, connected home appliances and the LG SmartThinQ Smart home hub, which enables consumers to establish an operational ecosystem within their homes.

The technology giant forecasts such products and technologies that enable consumers to communicate an elite status will be at the centre of conversations during IFA 2016. 

Durable home appliances, built to last

New generations of innovative products are constantly compared to their predecessors as most come with a relatively short lifespan. Yet consumers are giving rise to durable products and extended warranties, some of which last for two decades, like LG’s Centum washing machines.

VR: looking into the future

Different Virtual Reality (VR) goggle models have been seen at different tech expos recently, with an increasing number of producers offering models that excel in creating immersive, three-dimensional experiences. According to LG, IFA 2016 will see several cameras capable of producign VR images. One of these is the LG 360 Cam, which can capture the entire surrounding environment, representing the future of technology.

Wearables on the rise

Wearables will likely dominate IFA 2016. Whether operating independently or in combination with a Smartphone, LG expects a rise of Smartphone producers focusing on enabling health-trackers and other features that work well with wearable products.

UHD at centre stage

Ultra-HD (UHD) televisions have become almost instant heroes, entering flagship ranges only few years ago and taking a prominent place in the mass market. According to LG, High Dynamic Range (HDR), which creates the attractive bright lights that are so vividly viewed on UHD, have already become the new normal or viewing television.

“At IFA 2016, the innovative technology brands of today have the opportunity to demonstrate revolutionary new home entertainment technologies, such as LG’s OLED TVs, which display true black in a way other TV technologies sold today just can’t. IFA will provide a preview of how innovative, connected and stylish products deliver lifestyle benefits and consumer trends unparalleled not only in home entertainment but across the board,” concluded Choi.