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Apple WWDC18: Where to watch live

Everyone is waiting for Apple to announce its latest hardware and software products

Today is the annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) held by Apple in San Hose between 4-8 June.

The most exciting announcements will come during the opening keynote, which is held on 4 June at 9 pm (Dubai time) and 8 pm (Saudi Arabia time).

Since Apple doesn’t allow websites to embed the event here’s the link to watch it live: Apple

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What to expect at WWDC 2018

Traditionally a software developer’s conference, the two big ones for WWDC are the next installments of iOS and MacOS, which will then enter the consumer beta phase and you’ll be able to try them ahead of their release in September/October.

But while many people also expect the event to feature hardware announcements, reports now suggest that Apple will focus only on software, leaving hardware announcements until later this year.

The software announcements are said to include a new Digital Health initiative to help users combat mobile addiction and a much-needed notification center redesign.

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