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Makkah Governor and Mobily sign Haj media campaign deal

Makkah Governor Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah, who is also chairman of the Central Haj Committee, and Mobily (Etihad Etisalat) have signed a strategic partnership contract for a national media campaign for Haj, at the prince’s office in Jeddah, Arab News reported. The Makkah governorate organizes the campaign called “The Right Way Haj With Permit” to intensify public awareness that all pilgrims should carry a Haj permit to be eligible for the correct performance of Haj. The drive will also stress that each person working in the Haj service sector should offer quality service to pilgrims. Executive President of the Etihad Etisalat Khaled Al-Kaf signed the contract on behalf of Mobily company. The national drive will focus on the need for respecting the sacredness of Makkah and each person discharging his responsibilities toward the holy city.