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Makkah hotels ready for Hajj

Mecca’s hotels are currently getting ready to receive pilgrims for Hajj, which is a prime season for them, especially the small ones in the central area around the Grand Mosque. The hotels use this time of year in which occupancy falls to less than 10 percent to do their maintenance and refurbishment works, Saudi Gazette reported. They are renewing their furniture, reinforcing their safety measures and training their staff to provide excellent services to the guests of God. Mohammed Al-Qarni, a Saudi hotelier, told Makkah daily that some hotels have sent delegations outside to attract clients. He said travel and tourist companies usually make hotel reservations for their pilgrims at an early stage to ensure timely accommodation. He called for providing the young Saudi men and women with proper training to work in the hotels. The accommodation sector, consisting of hotels, furnished apartments and other private buildings is this year expected to make revenues of bout SR3.5bn which is 45 percent less than the revenues of last year which were close to SR6bn.