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Mannai Auto Group ¬offers 90% cashback after one year on new Cadillac Escalade and SRX

Customers buying a brand new Cadillac Escalade or Cadillac SRX from Mannai Auto Group during Ramadan can drive their vehicles for one year and receive 90% cashback on their purchase price at the end of the first year of ownership.

Cadillac’s Premium Care Program option further allows customers to avail Complimentary service and maintenance for 4 years or 100,000 km, a 4 year or 100,000 km warranty, Regional roadside assistance for 4 years, Courtesy transportation, and Trade-in facilities.

This offer is available for both cash and finance-supported purchases of the Escalade and SRX. Customers can alternatively choose to receive a discount on the retail value instead of the cashback option. In addition, Mannai Auto has also teamed up with QNB, QIB and CBQ to offer customers up to 6 months grace periods on their loan repayments, effectively allowing some customers to manage their finances more effectively during the summer months and Ramadan.

Mr. Mohammed Helmy, Group General Manager, Mannai Auto, said, “90% cash back is an unprecedented return after one year of ownership. If you couple that with the finance options and deferred payment windows that are available through QNB, QIB and CBQ, this Ramadan offer qualifies as the best value for money offered by any auto brand in Qatar.” Mr Helmy added, “Cadillac is synonymous with accentuated style and luxury so this Ramadan we wanted to give more people easier access to this legendary attention to detail and performance.”

The buyback offer allows almost anyone looking for a luxury car, crossover or SUV with the ability to drive their vehicles for a whole year and return a well-maintained automobile to cash in on the best rate imaginable. Mannai Auto’s partnerships with three banks in Qatar provide customers with campaign-independent payment grace periods for the entire Cadillac Range. In addition to the Escalade and SRX, these include the CTS, ATS and XTS models.

QIB is providing Cadillac’s eligible Qatari and expatriate customers with 6-month grace periods, while QNB is giving Qataris 6 months and 3 months for Expats. CBQ is providing 3 months for both Qataris and Expatriates. All loans are however subject to independent approval by each bank and subject to their terms and conditions.

Finance may also be available from other banks based on eligibility and the independent terms and conditions of the respective banks.