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Mark’s Facebook hits ice-Zucker-berg

The biggest ship in the sea is sinking, and no, it is not the second Titanic.

It is Facebook!

Mark Zuckerberg is apologizing everywhere, from his own Facebook page to Facebook’s Blog.

He even went a little old-school and bought full pages in 13 different newspapers to say he’s sorry.

While Mark is apologizing, former employees of Cambridge Analytica (CA) keep adding fuel to the fire.

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He says, she says

Reported by The Guardian, former CA business director, Brittany Kaiser said in a recent interview that she was incredibly saddened when Trump won.

According to Kaiser, 10,000 different ads were targeting specific people, months leading to the election, using the data they collected previously, from the very same people.

Kaiser is not the first to come forward; Christopher Wylie was the first.

The former employee said in 2014 and up to the 2016 presidential elections, Analytica was collecting data from Facebook profiles to create a demographic that targeted various US residents to vote for Trump.

CA stated otherwise on Twitter, saying “Christopher Wylie was a part-time contractor who left in July 2014 and has no direct knowledge of our work or practices since that date.”

CA stated that although they did collect data from Facebook profiles, Analytica and another company called Global Science Research (GSR), which created the app “thisisyourdigitallife,” deleted the “raw” information after they were contacted by Facebook in December 2015, according to the timeline they have posted.

Wylie stated something else in an interview with The New York Times, where the supposed whistle-blowing happened.

He said that CA still has the information it had collected and sold Trump consultants that same information in 2016.

Find out Facebook’s story, and what they had to say here.

The contradictions are apparently there, but the data breach still happened.

Everyone including, Facebook, CA, and Wylie admitted this.

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Authorities are stepping in

Whether the information is true or false, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is stepping in to investigate Facebook.

A Facebook spokesperson stated that they are highly committed to answering any questions the FTC asks.

If FTC finds proof that Facebook did nothing to prevent the breach in 2014, the Guardian reported that each violation would incur a $40,000 fine.

50 million people had their privacies compromised.

I cannot even calculate the number on my calculator, but it is in the trillions of dollars.

Damian Collins, chair of the UK parliament’s media committee, requested Zuckerberg appear and answer some questions.

As reported by CNN, Zuckerberg instead asked two of his deputies to go instead.

Not only this, but Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO; Jack Dorsey, and Google CEO; Sundar Pichai have all been asked to appear before Congress on April 10 to testify on data privacy.

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Companies do not trust Facebook

Elon Musk was dared to delete both his pages off of Facebook, and he did, removing both SpaceX and Tesla’s pages off the website.

Not only that, but many Facebook users are either deleting Facebook or removing their Page from the site. Mozilla; the creator of Firefox, Sonos; a company for consumer electronics, and Pep Boy; an auto parts service retailer, all have stated they will halt their advertisements on Facebook. Each company indicated that it would resume advertising when the issues that arose these past two weeks are resolved.