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Mercedes-Benz Brand Experience at BIC

Participants got to know the four-wheel drive cars’ high capabilities in rugged and varying terrains such as hill and water landscapes.

The new season of the Mercedes-Benz Brand Experience has launched recently at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), with over 50 models offered to driving enthusiasts.

Organized annually by Juffali Automotive Co. (JACO) – The Exclusive Distributor of Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars in Saudi Arabia, under the supervision of the German-based AMG Driving Academy, the driving experience consists of three rounds. The first took place in Bahrain while the other two, which should be as exhilarating to all enthusiasts, will take place in Riyadh and Jeddah soon.

“The resounding success of test-drive experiences and the responses of our customers to them have made us hold this event on an annual basis. These events give our customers a chance to experience the new models firsthand and get to know the new features as well” said Safi Kobeissi, General Manager, JACO.

A large number of Mercedes-Benz motoring fans in the Eastern Province headed to the circuit to discover the contemporary all-new models of Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz always preserves the legendary attributes of its models and position as a manufacturer of luxury vehicles that satisfy and cater to all desires and needs.

Participants got to know the four-wheel drive cars’ high capabilities in rugged and varying terrains such as hill and water landscapes. A German team of the academy meticulously designed the tracks to simulate varying difficult terrains in a real-world environment which Mercedes-Benz four-wheelers master superbly.

Motoring fans got a feel for the high capability and stability of Mercedes-Benz vehicles when they got behind the wheel and traveled along curved paths without skidding off the road. Drivers felt completely safe and balanced while encountering all types of sudden curved paths regardless of the degree of the curve.

Driving enthusiasts put the speed and endurance of Mercedes-Benz to the test on the main track of the circuit and enjoyed a simulated car racing experience driving at high speeds. They got to know the capabilities of these vehicles which can fulfill any motoring fan’s passion for high speed, great comfort, and the highest standards of safety.

Because Mercedes-Benz vehicles are designed for all members of the family in mind, the participants’ family members had their share of the enjoyment as well. A team of professional instructors gave them advice and safety tips when riding as passengers. Children got a chance to enjoy karting tracks and other activities.

Mr. Kobeissi thanked the driving experience sponsors, primarily the National Commercial Bank (NCB), Michelin Tires, Mobil 1 Oils, MediaCar Newspaper and all participants for attending the event. He hoped enthusiasts in Riyadh and Jeddah will have better and more exhilarating experiences when the second and third rounds kick off.