Complex Made Simple

Mercedes-Benz presents easy-to-follow nomenclature system

New system will ensure clarity for the millions of Mercedes-Benz lovers around the globe.

With the growth of the Mercedes-Benz model portfolio forecast to include more than 30 models available on the worldwide market by 2020, Abdul Rahman Albisher & Zaid Alkazemi Company – the authorised General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Kuwait – has announced that it will start implementing Mercedes-Benz’s new, simple and logical vehicle nomenclature system which aims to ensure clarity for the millions of Mercedes-Benz lovers around the globe.

Based on model series, different body variants and drive systems, the new system will come into operation in Q4 of 2015, and will begin with the Mercedes-Benz SUV range, followed by the Roadsters in 2016.

“Mercedes-Benz is always thinking of ways to enhance our customer experience and there is no doubt the new nomenclature system will enable our customers to easily navigate our growing product portfolio,” said Michael Ruehle, CEO, Abdul Rahman Albisher & Zaid Alkazemi Co.

“Now is the ideal time to do this as 2015 is an exciting year for our SUV range with many new models to be introduced.”

The nomenclature system is straightforward and easy to understand. The model designation is always an acronym made up of between one and three upper-case letters. The different types of engine are indicated by a lower-case letter. The system centres around the five core model series, A, B, C, E and S, which will continue to be used to provide orientation for customers.

In the case of model designations for the SUVs, and in tribute to the legendary G-Class, all SUV models will carry the first two letters “GL” in their name. The “G” here denotes the car’s lineage. The “L” is a letter that appears time and time again over the history of Mercedes-Benz that serves as a linking letter to make model designations easier to remember and easier to pronounce; for example, the legendary SL, and more recently, the CLS and CLA. It is followed by the third letter, which indicates the relationship to the relevant core model series.

The system for the 4-door Coupés is constructed along similar lines. The first two letters, “CL”, denote the origin, the third letter the link to one of the core model series: in other words CLA or CLS.

From 2016, Mercedes-Benz Roadsters will all include “SL” in their names to denote their origin, with the third letter again the link to one of the core model series. The SLK therefore becomes the new SLC.

In a development paralleling that of the model series designations, the different types of engines will also be given new designations. These provide clear orientation and are also shorter than the designations used until now. The boot lids will in future feature lower-case letters for, diesel, hybrid, electric, fuel cell & compressed natural gas models.

As has been the case until now, there will be no suffix for the petrol models. The defining and established designation 4MATIC for Mercedes-Benz all-wheel-drive vehicles will remain unchanged and will be celebrating its thirtieth anniversary next year.

Given the way that Mercedes-Benz has evolved into the leading brand for all-wheel drive, 4MATIC will in future play an even more important role in its model portfolio. As a result of a steadily growing demand, Mercedes-Benz will in future be adding further models to its all-wheel drive segment.