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Mercedes Benz Vehicles in IKD’s Product Portfolio

Iran Khodro Diesel is set to produce a new generation of Actros trucks next year.

The CEO of Iran Khodro Diesel (IKD) says the company is set to produce a six-ton truck named Arna in the near future.

Speaking on the sidelines of 13th International Exhibition of Public Transportation and Civilian Services, Gholam Reza Razzazi said Iran Khodro Diesel and Mercedes Benz have held talks on different ways to expand cooperation.

He went on saying that based on the agreements signed between the two sides; Iran Khodro Diesel is set to produce a new generation of Actros trucks next year.

“We are increasing our cooperation with Mercedes Benz,” he said, adding IKD is expected to include some of the products of Mercedes Benz in its product portfolio in the near future.

Razzazi also noted that IKD and Mercedes Benz have already reached an agreement to use the new series of engine 900 in Arna Truck. He said preliminary quality tests have already begun.

“Compared with other similar engines, the new 900 engines enjoy a higher standard in terms of quality and power. They are set to be produced by IDEM company in the near future. We have decided to use them in Arian Minibus as well,” he said.

The CEO of Iran Khodro Diesel said the company is working on a new generation of min-buses with a length of seven meter and greater capacities. He stressed that some 12-meter and 18-meter buses have already been designed by Iranian experts adding the prototypes of the buses are now going through quality tests.

“The government is planning to include 17-thousand gas-consuming buses in the bus services across the country. Meanwhile, the new series of Benz’s gas-consuming 936 engines would be used in the new buses,” he concluded.