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Middle East telecom sector paving way for enhanced customer experience

Huawei connects with regional operators and regulators to investigate how digitization is enabling more enriched and diversified services

Amidst an increasingly competitive Middle East telecommunications market, executives at Huawei—a leading global ICT solutions provider—have teamed up with top industry authorities this week to explore innovative ideas for operators to assure a superior customer-service experience and cope with the dynamics of a service-driven digital economy.

The deliberation took center stage at the fourth annual “Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Middle East Summit” hosted this week in Dubai, UAE.

Summit participants were unified in their recognition that customer demands and behaviors in the region are becoming increasingly differentiated, with the public looking for a superior service experience whether for business, entertainment, social media, or international roaming connectivity. A “one-size fits all” approach to customer experience management is no longer suitable. Instead, operators seeking to stay competitive must tap the benefits of big data analytics capabilities to understand–in close to ‘real-time’–the dynamics of service demands and packages verities to provide more contextual offers to the public.

Speaking at the forum, Mr. Zhou Qingwei, Regional Vice President of Huawei Middle East, also shed light on how operators can derive further commercial benefits from their investments in customer experience management infrastructure. Such an approach implies creating agile platforms with more options for personalized user preferences, the use of predictive network benchmarking, and methods for improving resolution times through an orchestrated service operation center.

“Customer experience management is a complex, evolving discipline. The public’s requirements are evolving and the capabilities of modern ICT networks are also increasing. By enhancing our own SmartCare® solutions, Huawei is committed to helping operators better connect to their customers and be better prepared to meet their needs dynamically; maximizing the value of their CEM investments,” said Mr. Zhou Qingwei, Regional Vice President of Huawei Middle East.

During the summit, VIVA Kuwait was honored by industry organizers with the “Best CEM Culture Transformation Programme” having utilized Huawei’s SmartCare solution to help enable easy handling of a growing portfolio of data-rich communication offerings.

“Today, all service providers are being challenged to transform into true customer-centric organizations. By establishing a dedicated CEM program and partnering with committed experts like Huawei, VIVA Kuwait was able to build the capabilities needed to address customer demands and dynamics better and faster. VIVA and Huawei’s long-term strategic relationships also grants us the advantage of using existing Huawei technologies and expertise for a swift fulfillment of customer experience needs, achieving our goals faster than anticipated,” adds Mr. Abdulmohsen Al Zamel, Head of CEM at VIVA Kuwait.

A new generation of Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform is now being advanced within the Middle East to empower operators with a holistic approach to excel the quality of customer services. Huawei’s own SmartCare framework enables operators to offer better subscriber experience and swiftly identifies subscriber concerns. A strategic component of Huawei’s professional service portfolio, the award-winning SmartCare solution has already been deployed for several tier-1 global operators and is currently under implementation for leading service providers in the Middle East.