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REVEALED: 33 hotels in the Middle East on ‘Most Wanted List’. Where are they?

Hotels around the world offer luxurious amenities and high-class service, but some are just a little better than the others. . .  or a lot better.

But who should decide whether a hotel is good or? Customers, of course.

Leading hotel booking website compiled a list of the World’s Most Wanted’ hotels as part of its Loved by Guests Awards 2018. And a respectful 33 from the Middle East region made the grade.

Dubai topped the ‘Top 100’ list of award-winning cities in the region, with an impressive 20 hotels, followed by Abu Dhabi with 7 and 2 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain made the list too, with two hotels, while Egypt and Qatar were mentioned on the list with one hotel each.

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How can customers be the judges?

More than 25 million hotel guest reviews were looked at, with an astonishing 3,400 hotels across 91 countries being identified as truly outstanding,

“The Loved by Guests awards are all about guest reviews, the good the great and the awesome,” says Johan Svanstrom, President for

“We know that people value fellow guest opinions even more than star ratings these days, so we’re giving everyone super clear access to just that and highlighting the hotels that truly stand out,” he added.  

The winning hotels had to receive a rating of 9.4 (out of 10) or above to be categorized as one of the world’s ‘Most Wanted’.

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The best hotels in the Middle East are…

According to website, the top 20 hotels in Dubai that registered nine stars or above, and were ranked as ‘Loved by Guests’ are as follows:

Abu Dhabi’s top 7, also ranked as ‘Loved by guests’ are:

Top 2 Saudi hotels  

Although not as prevalent as in the UAE, the supply of luxury hotels in Saudi is anticipated to increase annually at 18%, according to Colliers, a leading global real estate services organization. These two were singled out for special mention.

Conrad Makkah- Mecca    &   Hilton Suites Makkah – Mecca


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Bahrain, Egypt, and Qatar:

Bahrain:  Fraser Suites Diplomatic Area Bahrain & Movenpick Hotel Bahrain
Egypt: LABRANDA Tower Bay All-Inclusive, Sharm el-Sheikh ART Rotana
Qatar: The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa, Doha


The most wanted globally

Globally, the USA stormed ahead of the list, with 1,498 hotels snapping up a ‘Most Wanted’ award, running away from the competition, with Italy (232), the UK (192), Canada (126) and Spain (101) making up the top five countries to scoop up awards.

The cities around the globe where travelers are most likely to check into a Most Wanted award-winning hotel are: Rome (39), Florence (38), London (36), Hanoi (36) and Venice (32) – with the Italians speeding away with three out of the top five cities.

“There are 25 million verified guest reviews that can offer inspiration for your next trip as well as helping you pick a great hotel for your needs”, said Johan Svanstrom.

22 hotels around the world received an outstanding ‘10 out of 10’ in their reviews throughout the whole of 2017, an impressive golden record.

The UK stole the show with six hotels receiving top marks, followed by five in the US and two in the Czech Republic.

Korea, New Zealand, Vietnam, Iceland, Portugal, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, and Bali all had one hotel each with a perfect report.