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Minister: Iraq needs 21,000 MW electricity, but only 11,000 MW available

Minstry had asked for $9bn to be allocated for projects, but only $3bn was given due to budget deficits

Iraq’s Electricity Minister, Qassim Fahdawi, says that Iraq’s actual need for electricity is 21,000 MW, whereas the available energy is only 11,000 MW.

In a speech to the Iraqi parliament, he said that 2,490 MW are currently out of service due to lack of fuel and the ministry’s inability to transfer energy from the places of production to the areas where it is needed.

He adds that the ministry has asked the government to allocate $9 billion for projects within the current budget, but it has only been allocated $3bn because of the fiscal deficit.

Fahdawi explains that the rest of the capacity of power plants amounts to about 8,000 MW and Baghdad province needs 6,000 MWs of electricity, but the power available now does not exceed 4,000 MW, QNA reported.

Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Dr Salim Abdullah al-Jabouri asked the Minister of Electricity to develop urgent and quick solutions to the power shortages problem.

He stresses that citizens can no longer handle false promises and the ministry should diagnose the defect and hold negligent bodies responsible for their actions.