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Mobile shopping coming into its own in UAE

The trend of buying of consumer merchandise through e-commerce portals using a variety of mobile gadgets and apps, or ‘mobile shopping’ is coming into its own in the UAE. Some of the leading e-com portals have confirmed that transactions sealed over mobile gadgets now easily outstrip those through the portals’ primary (static?) site. And with shoppers getting the hang of sealing transactions over their mobiles, including tablets, they are more likely to raise the frequency of their buying sprees than when they have to go through the process of booting up their desktop or notebook computers. A smartphone or tablet sure is handy, as these shoppers – and e-com retailers – will have you know, Gulf News reported. “Mobile and tablets transactions represent more than 40% of transactions on and is our fastest growing traffic source,” said Wisam Daoud, Chief Technology Officer at “This is well above more mature markets such as the US and largely driven by the massive penetration of mobile devices in the region.”