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Mobile World Congress 2016: Will we finally learn the truth about Samsung Galaxy S7

The new releases have been allegedly leaked and their specifications discussed already, but the brand isn’t confirming anything

The Mobile World Congress 2016 is only days away. While the world is awaiting all of the products to be released at the international mobile technology gathering, the anticipation for the reveal of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is at an all-time high.

Earlier this month, reported leaks have been shared almost everywhere and while the brand has confirmed nothing, here are the most expected aspects of the new products.


Earlier this week, a new commercial popped up, showing a young girl accidentally dropping her Smartphone in a swimming pool, then casually picking it up and going on with her business.

This video definitely hints at potential waterproof capabilities Samsung’s new products, whether the Galaxy S7 or the Galaxy S7 Edge, might feature.

Another commercial released by Samsung Indonesia also showed, at a quick glimpse, a Samsung Smartphone being used in the rain. Whether that scene was a fictional part of the storyline or not, it hyped up people even more about the specification.

However, David Ruddock from Android Police sent out a tweet that was carried out by popular leaker and writer Evan Blass, noting that the Smartphone appearing in the commercial was not the Galaxy S7 Edge.

“This is not a Galaxy S7 Edge. I repeat: this is not a Galaxy S7 Edge. It is an S6 Edge+. Cease waterproof freakout,” Ruddock’s tweet read.

So we are back to square one, awaiting either more hints, leaks and signals, or a final confirmation from the brand in few days.


Part of the other leaks shared by Evan Blass in January was information he obtained about both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge offering microSD slots, a specification that was available for earlier Galaxy products, but not in the latest models.

Other specs

A couple of images surfaced online earlier this month, giving the world a first glimpse of the new products. Unless the images are completely fabricated, they would confirm some of the rumours that have surrounded Samsung’s new releases ahead of the Mobile World Congress 2016.

For instance, the camera lens is seen, in the leaked photos, to be slimmer that it used to be on this specific product line; however, this is not a confirmed signal on whether any changes have been made to the camera’s megapixel count.

The display is not expected to undergo major changes from that of the S6, but there have been some reports about the Edge model possibly offering a larger curved display.

Another aspect Samsung could be re-introducing in this year’s releases is replaceable batteries, a specification that was stopped in 2015, resulting in criticism being directed at the brand.

While all of the above are simple speculations, it is only a matter of time before the Mobile World Congress 2016 begins and sets all the records straight about Samsung, and others.