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Mobily doubles data volume for new subscribers in Connect 4G 10 GB Package

Mobily doubled the volume of data to become (20 GB) for the new subscribers in Connect 4G 10 GB package, on the occasion of Ramadan.

Mobily enabled subscribers to choose any of the supporting devices for the service with competitive prices of 400 Riyal/USB, or 450 Riyal/ Mini Wi-Fi, or 500 Riyal Mini Wi-Fi of large battery or 500 Riyal 4G Router. The Connect modem Mini Wi-Fi can connect ten devices to the Internet at one time; it also contains a large battery operating for a longer period with the possibility to work as charger for smartphones which increases the benefits for subscribers.

The company provides these promotions in all its outlets in the Kingdom, that are covered by the 4G service, which is considered as a transitional phase for the data services in the Kingdom, thanks to the high speeds provided. At this point, Mobily is seeking to cope with this situation through offering such innovative promotions to reflect the competitive spirit in addition to its commitment to provide exceptional customer experiences to the subscribers.

Mobily has set a record in the size of the exchanged data through the 4G network as a result of the high demand on this service. The company’s vision in enhancing its infrastructure and deployment of 4G network in the most populated areas in the Kingdom, was the major reason behind this development and success.

Mobily is working currently to intensify its efforts to cover the rest of the populated regions of the Kingdom with 4G –LTE network. Mobily also enhances the networks in areas that have been covered earlier, so the number of sites that have been covered so far exceeded the 4500 barrier according to technical plan the company that aims to deliver this advanced technology to the largest possible number of sites in a short period of time.