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Mobily gets two ISO certificates in Business Continuity and Risk Management

ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, has classified Mobily as the first company in the Middle East and North Africa that completed all the requirements for business continuity and risk management after being awarded ISO 22031 certification for business continuity and ISO 31000 certification for risk management.

On behalf of Mobily, Ahmed Alhosani, Chief Corporate Governance Officer received the certificates during a ceremony held in Riyadh in the presence of ISO representatives and a number of executives.

Ahmad Alhosani explained that the keenness of Mobily to provide distinguished and stable services to its customers under all circumstances, made it very keen to meet all the requirements that will enable Mobily to perform its work and to maintain the quality of its services and the stability of its investments. For Mobily the approval of the International Organization for Standardization is evidence that we are moving in the right track in risk management and business continuity.

The (ISO) certificate in business continuity came after Mobily proved its ability to conduct its business under any circumstances and after setting and developing necessary plans for this end. Mobily also tested the reaction of these plans for all eventualities that may hinder the progress of the company’s work. Mobily obtained also ISO certification in risk management after having put all outlooks that may affect the company, its customers, and how to handle such risks in a way that ensure that the company or its customer service or its investments will not be affected through reducing potential risks.