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Mobily KSA launches third version of ‘Ranan’

The new version added also the national and Asian tones and many other tones.

Mobily has launched the third version of “Ranan” application for smart devices in Android & IOS systems with entirely a new distinguished interface that ensures full and easy control on the application features.

This comes in line with the company’s devotion to be the leader in the field of technical applications that make it easier for all subscribers to choose the available services.

Mobily allowed “Ranan” in its third version to be fully controlled by the subscriber, so the ringtone can be adjusted to become “prayer call” during prayers time into “prayer call” ringtone as per the timing of the region.

The new version added also the national and Asian tones and many other tones that provide a lot of tips for women, other tones were allocated to sports clubs in addition to new personal ringtones and women’s tones with innovative luster.

All the ringtones of the last version work with ease in search for any ringtone needed by the subscriber to be his private ringtone within unique diversity that meets the needs of all customers. The application has also many interesting features.

From his part, Mohammed Al Belwe, Executive General Manager Corporate Communications and PR at Mobily, said: “Ranan is one of the services that is witnessing a high demand, especially after introducing “Ranan” innovative application which can be downloaded for free from Apple store and Google Play, where it allows all customers to adjust their own ringtones to be heard by the callers instead of regular tone.”

“The application allows users the authority to have full control on all the tones in a new and innovative way. He added that Mobily is always pursues to create innovative technical environment designed to be upgrade the subscribers and let them have high quality and easily used service. This allows the user to enjoy the best of services ever provided,” he added.

It is worth to mention that Mobily has provided to its subscribers through “Ranan” a number of cash prizes amounting to SR500,000 and many cars and gifts through draws conducted in different times, which reflects the company’s keenness to meet the desires and needs of all its customers.