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Mobily launches Distributors’ Sales Program (Shariki Plus) in western region

Mobily launched (Shariki Plus) the distributor’s sales program in western region, this event took the place in Intercontinental hotel in Jeddah, in the presence of Mobily’s top executives and the leaders of the program partners.

(Shariki Plus) aims to motivate the sales of the current distributor’s sales, and attract new distributors. Mobily divided the distributors into three categories platinum, gold and silver, where each category includes financial rewards and numerous other awards. Which significantly improve sales competitiveness and improve distributes’ desire for stimulate their future sales.

On the sidelines of this event; Mobily delivered nine Mercedes and Toyota cars to the distinctive distributors that achieve best sales across the kingdom.

The launching of this program reflects Mobilys’s keenness to strengthen its partnership with partners in general and especially in sales and distribution sector. Such this strategic movement supports the strategic objectives of Mobily’s distribution and sales department in achieving wider spread of Mobily selling points and allows customers to reach its sales points easily.

Mobily allocates 24/7 technical supports to distributors in order to facilitate their daily tasks. Moreover, (Shariki Plus) enhance Mobily’s brand name, which considers one of the major company’s strategic objectives.

It is noteworthy that Mobily always aims to develop its business through entering into partnerships that provide an added value and evolution to its business. Mobily is characterized since its launch to be always very close to its customers, whether geographically or through the quality services offered to them.