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Mobily launches HTC M8 DS with a variety of packages and prices

Mobily launched HTC M8 DS with dual sim cards, the latest and most powerful smart phone produced by HTC, as part of smartphones packages that meet the choice and needs of all subscribers. Mobily will benefit from its exclusive partnership with HTC in the Championship of Europe League and European (UEFA), where the company will enter as an exclusive partner in Saudi Arabia allowing it to use the competition’s logo of the biggest clubs in Europe in its marketing campaigns, in addition to organizing special events that will allow some Mobily subscribers to attend Europe League Champions and European (UEFA) matches during the coming seasons.

This comes within Mobily’s launch of HTC dual sim phones which are provided with the latest packages, such as a HTC M8, HTC A5, and HTC V1 devices.

HTC M8 DS phone is characterized as being the first high-spec phone devices high-spec, with the possibility of using two sim cards, and it is a unique phone with many advanced features that make its procurement a special experience in the world of smart phones. It has two rear cameras and dual LED flash with UltraPixel technology with 4 megapixels accuracy that was developed by the company last year. This makes photography more accurate with high clarity even with dim lighting. The phone is also made with the finest materials, and the structure is the best as it is entirely made of aluminum with smooth elegant lines that make it distinctive both in terms of shape or even when touched, it also has a loud and clear, balanced and strong sound thanks to the special stereo speakers and amplifiers.

Mobily is keen to launch new smartphones of high specifications and potentials with distinctive packages of services to be offered to its subscribers to enable them a successful experience when acquired, and keep them always in touch with their relatives and friends, whether through the Internet or voice dialing.

Nowadays, Mobily owns the largest base of mobile broadband subscribers in the Middle East, making it the preferred choice for smart phone manufacturers to conclude more partnerships to enable them to market their products in the Saudi market which is witnessing a remarkable demand on the acquisition of the latest global technology.