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Mobily maintains ISO27001 in Information Security System for the Ninth Year

Mobily managed successfully to maintain (ISO27001) certification for Information Security Management System that was obtained by the company in 2006 from British Standards Institution in the Information Security Operations Management Center (SOC), Network Operations Center (NOC) and data centers.

Mobily Data centers have passed all the adopted requirements and procedures which are performed by specialists who conduct necessary rigorous testing that are made every three years and known as the annual audit and the principal audit.

Dr. Eyas Al Hajery, Chief Business Support Officer, said that the data centers, Information Security Operations Management Center (SOC), and Network Operations Center (NOC) in their continuation to maintain the (ISO27001) certification, confirms the company’s keenness to keep the privacy and security continuity for all processes that are managed within the scope of the center.

Dr Al Hajery indicated that Mobily has a clear vision towards the telecom sector trends in the region and the world, accordingly the company has built its own strategy based on the provision of advanced infrastructure that will ensure its leadership in providing information and communication technology services. He stressed that the investment in financial and human resources of the company in order to build highly and globally qualified data centers and distributed in several areas within the Kingdom, reflecting the extent of interest of Mobily to provide the best and latest services, and ensure the continuity of the work of these centers even during preventive maintenance or emergency situations.

Al Malga 2 data center was classified and obtained the fourth degree (Tier IV), so Mobily is the first telecom company in the region, Asia and Africa that owns a number of data centers that have been classified and approved by (UPTIME) institute, one of the top global institution specialized in the evaluation of data centers in the world.

Mobily launched earlier the largest Security Operations Management center in the world outside USA to serve the business sector in accordance with IBM regulations in Al Malqa 2 data center which offers a package of services such as information security management services for through cloud networks for the business sector in the Kingdom.