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Mobily offers “Hala-international” package subscribers 300% free extra credit

Mobily launched “Hala International” package in its new attire with new exclusive features, providing customers unique benefits, and give them the best international calling rates in the Kingdom to enable them to communicate with their families and friends abroad throughout the day.

“Hala International” package will enable Mobily subscribers to obtain 300% free extra credit when charging 20 Riyals or more and the free extra Credit could be used for (data, On-Net, SMS and IDD SMS). Hala International package include special prices of 25 Halalas only for international SMS, as the price for the use of the data is 0.15 Halalas / MB. This promotion is allowed for all Mobily “New and Existing Customers”.

Mobily has reduced the price of international minute through Hala International package to 55 Halalas for America, Canada, Egypt, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The reduction included also states such as Yemen, Sudan, Turkey, Indonesia and Sri Lanka where the price became 65 Halalas / minute, in addition to other countries including Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Syria where the price became 69 Halalas /minute, as well as countries like Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Austria with 75 Halalas/ minute. Other countries such as Morocco, Algeria and Afghanistan became 1.2 Riyal/minute and Somalia became 1.29 Riyals/minute.

Mobily works permanently to launch new promotions from time to time, especially those related to calls outside the Kingdom in order to allow communication for all subscribers. mobilyMobily owns now international roaming agreements with all countries both in terms of postpaid or prepaid packages and MMS and data roaming services.