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Mobily provides best cloud environment for hosting websites and data in cooperation with IBM and other global companies

Mobily succeeded to upgrade the level of security and reliability of cloud computing services, which led to enhance the confidence of public and private sectors. This comes in line with the vision and aspirations of the government about the importance of hosting websites and data inside the kingdom.

The cloud computing services offered by Mobily are based on several axes, most notably the provision of a variety of packages to meet the needs of government, agencies and enterprises of all sizes whether giant, medium and small, in addition to providing high-quality service.

Mobily’s focus on cloud computing services is consistent with the government’s vision in respect of the necessity of relying on cloud computing services offered by national companies in light of the increasing threats to a lot of companies and important websites around the world, consequently it should prevent a lot of losses.

In this context, Engineer Ismail AlGhamdi, Acting Chief Business Officer at Mobily clarified that the research conducted recently in the Kingdom indicate that the most prominent obstacles faced by the governmental and private sector agencies to rely on the cloud computing are information security and how to control the infrastructure of the information technology. From this perspective the cloud computing services have been designed by Mobily within special specifications of high security, flexible control of performance, which provides significant advantages in the traditional infrastructure of companies, asserted that all data is stored in the Kingdom and administered under the Kingdom’s sovereignty laws.

Mobily has recently announced that it is the first major provider of approved cloud computing services, powered by Intel® Cloud Technology, in the Middle East and Turkey.

It is noteworthy that Mobily entered into strategic partnerships with the global largest providers of cloud computing services such as IBM and Virtustream ™ to bring the latest experience and expertise into the kingdom, which gives institutions the ability to deal with all kinds of applications.