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Mobily Ranan adds Yemen’s Victory tone in KSA

Written by Hamid Zaid and in the voice of Mishary Al Afasy, free for 10 days for its customers.

Mobily added to Ranan service the national song entitled (Yemen’s Victory). This exclusive song that was composed by the poet Hamid Zaid and was chanted by Mishary Al Afasy, is one among several national initiatives that Mobily is working on to share and celebrate the “Decisive Storm” with its subscribers and Saudi citizens.

Mobily customers can also get the major tone of” Yemen’s Victory” and keep as their major tone by sending 1 to 1404 or get the full album in the form of variable-clips at each call free for 10 days by sending 2 to 1404. The company also provided many other national tones and enables its customers to purchase or donate through Ranan application which is available for all smart phones or through dialing 1404.

Mr. Mohammed Al Belewe, Executive General Manager Corporate Communications and PR, stressed that Mobily is a leading company in the field of social and national responsibility and is pleased to be involved in the “Decisive Storm” through songs offered free of charge to the existing and new customers, in an effort to stand all side by side with the leaders of our homeland “God Be With Them”. Such national participations emerged and motivated by the national cohesion enjoyed by the Kingdom and the Gulf states in general.

Mr. Al Belewe added that non-surprising collaboration between Mishary Al Afasy and poet Hamid Zaid is highly appreciated by Mobily as it considers that such collaboration meets social acceptance and leads to quantum leap in our field of telecommunications.

It is noteworthy that Mobily Promoted the Financial Resources of the “Charity Committee For Orphans Care” Insan with (Orphans Love) Tone in the voice of Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy and composed by the poet Hamid Zaid. The tone found popular acceptance by most of the community segments. This illustrates Mobily keenness to offer the content that suits the community and meets its multiple desires through its services and technical programs.