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Mobily revamps service assurance for hosting and cloud computing services

Mobily has achieved the future visibility to meet the business needs through in-time planning of the required capacity

Mobily, one of the leading communication and mobile service providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a renowned provider of highly reliable Hosting Managed Solutions in the region.

Mobily has further enhanced the service through proactive implementation of operations management technologies for the Enterprise customers through multiple high-tech data centers in the Kingdom.

Mobily together with its strategic partner Devoteam has worked on upgrading the service assurance and monitoring for Mobily Business customers enjoying the hosting and cloud services.

This has been achieved through implementation of a complete integrated suite of BMC products considered among the best in the fields of IT Service Assurance and Enterprise Service Management. Through this, Mobily is able to introduce highly proactive infrastructure operations and support for its business customers.

The project is focused on utilizing the integrated BMC monitoring technology to alert the operation teams as well as customers on potential issues that could interrupt the hosting and cloud computing services before any complaints are received, resulting in greater system resilience and increased customer satisfaction.

“The project has empowered the Business Operations resulting in high operational efficiency. The implementation of integrated automated solutions has enabled the operations team to act promptly to the highest priority events first, ensuring the service continuity resulting in high customer satisfaction,” said Maziad AlHarbi, Chief Technology Officer at Mobily.

Through BMC infrastructure capacity forecasting technology, Mobily has achieved the future visibility to meet the business needs through in-time planning of the required capacity. This has improved the management of infrastructure capacity and has also ensured that Infrastructure capacity will never be an issue for the business.

“This project has provided us a window into the future. We can take decisions today and manage our capacity well before time and balance the infrastructure resources as per intelligent automated capacity management recommendations,” said Haithem AlFaraj, Acting Chief Technology Operations Officer at Mobily.

On top of the technology implementations, comprehensive infrastructure dashboards layer developed by Devoteam Business Intelligence Consultants has also improved the executive’s visibility to the complete infrastructure, adding great value to overall project.

Mobily see this implementation as one step towards the high-tech automated solutions for Mobily’s Technology Operations. The project sets a strong example for all Mobily Business Units and gives a clear competitive edge to the organization over other service providers in the Kingdom. Mobily foresees further expansion of such implementations in the coming years, enabling Mobily in increasing its customer base in the region and maintaining its leadership in the field of IT & Telecommunications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.