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Mobily tops ME companies in employees engagement through “Yammer”

Mobily has occupied a leading position in the Middle East through being a forerunner in the companies list as one of the most interactive through Microsoft social platform allocated to companies, known as “Yammer”.

Mobily came in first place ahead of many companies operating in the fields of oil and a number of ministries and Saudi governmental bodies and Arab organizations. This was motivated strongly by Mobily to keep up with the latest channels of institutional communication to enhance the spirit of innovation and the company’s values.

Humoud Al Ghobaini, Executive General Manager, Corporate Communications & Public Relations, commented on this matter, saying, “What distinguishes the internal social network ” Yammer” in Mobily is the presence of all leading members of the company starting from CEO and their follow-up and participation for all contents that are addressed by all employees at all levels.
Al Ghobaini added that the company has worked to develop an added value to this channel of communication in order to be smooth and enjoyable by all employees, whose responsiveness and interaction was rapid and effective from all departments of the company, which was reflected in benefits for both customers and employees.

Al Ghobaini said that we are in Mobily consider “Yammer” as a fertile environment to reflect the company’s values based on: respectful, empowerment, reliability, pioneering and passionate as major axes. As “Yammer” is accessible through different smart devices and tablets, this contributed to the increased use and access, which created a real revolution on the level of internal communication in Mobily.

Mobily operates through its corporate communications management many means of innovative internal communication channels that contribute to the implant of the company’s values and the delivery of its messages alike.

Microsoft had acquired “Yammer” by 1.2 billion dollars deal after the great success achieved by” Yammer” which is a unique combination of Facebook and Twitter and it is directed primarily to the business sector to facilitate communication between corporate employees.

“Yammer” – that was established in 2008 – is allowing the employees to publish news, links, ask questions, and provide free basic features and other paid features.