Complex Made Simple

Mobily’s solutions enables business sector to recover from technical disasters within few minutes

The technical transformation witnessed by Mobily has contributed to the innovation of new and efficient services provided by the company to the business sector in the Kingdom, where Mobily’s flexible services offered to business continuity solutions which are considered the most important services provided to business sector.

In light of the increasing threats to many of the companies and important websites in the Kingdom and around the world, an urgent need has become necessary for business continuity solutions to enable companies to recover quickly from any technical disasters. The “Managed Backup service” is a service to ensure a regular basis backups to enable the company to restore the lost data quickly after any damage as a result of any emergency or disaster or in the event of disruption of the IT infrastructure, as well as “Virtualized Server Recovery Service (VSR)” which operates according to the smart cloud technologies that have practically and effectively succeeded in overcoming the technical obstacles faced by companies.

The Business Continuity Solutions, are part of the solutions offered by Mobily in cooperation with IBM, where it reduces the data loss difficulties, and reduce the time required to retrieve the lost data from servers. This process is done at high speed and in a record time in the event of malfunctions or maintenance cases that require stoppage of servers. The service supports also the virtual and non-virtual environments which provide the highest level of continuity.

Furthermore, these services are highly cost effective, as there is no longer a need to freeze the capital in the construction of a special center for the conservation and recovery. The subscribers can know the anticipated expenses through the price list, which allows monthly payment based on the required services and the future possibility for any needed expansion which enables the business sector to manage its financial affairs better and more efficiently than ever before.

Mobily is relying on its strong infrastructure to offer such advanced services, where the company has the largest number of data centers in the Kingdom, four of them are internationally classified which gives Mobily the leading role and high reliability.

It is worth mentioning Mobily-IBM alliance supports Mobily’s plans for transformation toward providing solutions for communication and information technology, as well as providing the best services in its class, which rely on automation and cloud computing operations to improve and speed up the server recovery process and increase reliability.