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Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors and MINI support 100k walk for World Diabetes Day

MINI Countryman joins Ameer Mohammed’s 118km walk from Jeddah to Thowal

Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors, the official importer for MINI in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, supported Mr Ameer Al Rimawai founder of the charitable organisation Backpackers Social Enterprise on his 100km plus walk from Jeddah to Thowal in support of World Diabetes Day.

The MINI Countryman accompanied Ameer Mohammed on his two-day journey to raise awareness within the Kingdom of the dangers of diabetes as part of the global awareness drive. One of a number of causes that the Ameer supports through his foundation Backpackers Social Enterprise, which helps local communities and raises awareness of illnesses, diabetes affects 7.8% in people ages between 25-34 and 50.4% of people ages 65+ according to the Saudi Health Information Survey Handbook published in 2013.

Stavros Paraskevaides, Managing Director of Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors, said: “At Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors have a duty to the community that has helped us grow and become the organisation we are today. We do this by supporting great initiatives like Ameer Mohammed’s 100km walk for World Diabetes Day. MINI is our partner in this campaign as we feel it holds the same values and is a brand that loves and celebrates life, we will look to continually support projects that benefit our community.”

Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors places a high value on corporate social responsibility and consistently strives to support events in the larger community and society. In 2014 the MINI importer helped raise funds for the Down Syndrome Foundation (SAUT) in Saudi Arabia. In the same year support was given to the National Home Health Care Foundation which aims to develop and spread home health care services throughout the Western Province by improving social and health awareness in the society.

World Diabetes Day is a global initiative campaign to help awareness of diabetes globally. It is help each year on the 14th November, first introduced in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the world Health Organisation due to the alarming rise of diabetes around the world. A theme is chosen by the International Diabetes Federation each year to address issues facing the global diabetes community.