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Mövenpick free zone Managers release Pigeon of peace from Garden Cafe

Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait free zone began the holy month of Ramadan by renovated the Garden Cafe, the favorite choice for restaurants and cafe pioneers in Kuwait. The reopening took place after the renovation of 11 additional tents fully equipped with air conditioners for summer, heaters for winter and LCD screens to enjoy privacy.

In this context, Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait free zone managers release Pigeon of peace from Garden Cafe to roam the sky of Kuwait, wishing peace and prosperity in this holy month to all the city residents, celebrating the reopening of the new Garden Cafe.

It is worth mentioning that at the end of summer season birds congregate in Garden Cafe to enjoy greenery where visitors will certainly be amused by their melody. Garden Cafe offers a great hospitality experience due to the exclusive contemporary dishes amid an ultra elegant and exotic nature.

Garden Cafe is the perfect place to enjoy nature, meals, shisha, coffee and tea in private tents.

Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait is considered as one of the best hotels in the city. It combines the finest services and upscale resorts where you can relax amid a unique architecture and recreational facilities, reflecting the great Swiss hospitality. Guests will feel like home among their family and friends.

The General Manager Hassan Hassanein said: ” We have recently reopened the Garden Cafe to visitors, and we have witnessed a great return from Reputed guests . In this occasion we have launched a new food menu to attract more guests, where they can spend amazing times throughout this holly month and enjoy authentic Arabic melodies.”

The Communication Manager Elsayed Elasy has affirmed that the white Pigeon release from Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait free zone is a great message of peace, prosperity and security to the beloved Kuwait within the re-opening of the Garden Cafe.