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MPLUS+ introduces integrated mobile technology in UAE

The largest Home Maintenance service provider in region is the first to launch Mobile Technology in the country

MPLUS+, the largest Home Maintenance service provider with years of experience in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have set a new trend by introducing integrated mobile technology in the UAE.

Having a well-established online portal system for the past three years, MPLUS+ is the first maintenance company in the UAE to have integrated the use of smart phones with this established system, enabling on-site operational teams to manage their schedule on the go- with the click of a button! The feature will also be linked directly to the customer’s account updating them instantly upon completion of the job in real time.

General Manager of MPLUS+, Ian Robinson, said, “Maintenance issues at home can be quite an annoyance and as a home maintenance provider it is our constant endeavour to make this an easy and efficient process for our customers. By combining the use of mobile technology with our services, we are able to keep operations and customers informed about what to expect and when to expect it. This new offering also allows us to be more cost-efficient and pass on the benefit of affordable maintenance packages to our customers.”

With the introduction mobile technology, MPLUS+ on-site teams will now be able to respond to customers faster and assign jobs to various technicians in the area, while still at the customers’ home.

Customers can then easily input feedback after the completion of the job, which can be monitored quickly by the MPLUS+ team giving them the opportunity to enhance the future experience of the customer.

This paperless system also furthers MPLUS+’s constant drive to adopt and provide green methods and services to its customers.