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Nawras moves to next stage of countrywide Turbocharging programme

The last and most challenging milestone of tripling Nawras’ 3G+ capacity along the Batinah coastline was completed recently, as part of the countrywide Turbocharging programme. Nawras now provides a contiguous 3G+ coverage all the way from Mutrah to Shinas, and customers in Muscat and Sohar also enjoy a super fast 4G experience. The next stage of this fantastic programme, will involve Nawras further extending its state-of-the-art mobile network across major cities and parts of the central Wilayats of the Sultanate during 2014.

Commencing roll-out of the 2014 Turbocharging phase in the city of Buraimi, Nawras successfully modernised all base stations, resulting in doubling 3G+ capacity and enhancing the online customer experience. What’s more, all of these activities are planned with maximum scrutiny to minimise the impact on customers during the upgrades. Customers can now look forward to superfast broadband internet speeds as well as wider network coverage, including a better indoor online experience.

In April, the Turbocharging programme will extend towards the Dhahirah and South Batinah governorates and will double the 3G+ mobile broadband capacity, in the cities of Ibri, Yanqul, Dank, Rustaq and Nakhal, among many others. All of these areas are planned to benefit from fantastic third 3G+ carrier on the 900MHz band later in second quarter of this year.

In addition to the abovementioned areas, Nawras has extensive plans for the southern regions of Oman including, but not limited to, modernising all Nawras base stations in the main city of Salalah. Nawras customers in Salalah will have a greatly enhanced mobile experience, as the Company plans to complete Turbocharging of all of its base stations in the city of Salalah this year, in which more than half will provide customers with a superfast online experience.

From August 2012 to date, Nawras has already invested over 80 million Omani Rials in its countrywide Turbocharging programme, with the aim of providing a countrywide continuous access to a fast 3G+ mobile network. As part of this extensive network modernisation, Nawras is even further expanding its upgraded core network to improve the smartphone owners’ experience, building many new base stations to increase the Nawras footprint across the Sultanate. Nawras is the only the service provider in Oman to provide customers with a third 3G+ carrier on the 900MHz band, and it is the 70th operator among 800 plus operators worldwide to offer this service. Improved indoor coverage and a strong 3G+ reach is the immediate result of activating this service within the Turbocharged areas.

Further to the immediate benefits that Nawras customers will gain from modernisation, Nawras is also committed to further enhance the life of Omani people by minimising the power consumption at their base stations, and adapting “Go Green” guidelines across planning, implementation and operation phases of the programme. “Moving forward with our fantastic Turbocharging programme, we have also minimised the number of antennas that are being used at each site through merging all 2G, 3G and 4G technologies in one single antenna resulted in significant reduction of telecom equipment footprint at each site” said Wolfgang Wemhoff, Chief Technology Officer at Nawras.

Emily Shotter
Department Head – External Public Relations
+968 9510 8302