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NCSI announces total number of Khareef Salalah visitors

The National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) announced the total number of Khareef Salalah visitors, both local and international, has grown by 73.4% standing at 268,386 visitors from June 21, 2014 through to August 11, 2014; as compared to 154,815 visitors over the same period last year

Omanis have represented 72.7% of the total number of visitors so far this year, while 12.5% were UAE nationals, and 4.7% from other GCC states.

According to the updated figures, 76,595 visitors flew to Salalah, 67,631 via domestic flights and 8,964 via international flights, while the total number of visitors travelling to the Dhofar Region by road stood at 191,791.

The NCSI reveal that 241,180 of visitors within the recording period were GCC citizens, 64,187 of whom arrived via the airport (56,937 domestically and 7,250 internationally), while 176,993 arrived by road. Omanis comprised a majority of these visitors standing at 194,997, in second place were UAE citizens standing at 33,473; followed by 5,638 visitors of other non-GCC Arab nationalities. The total number of visitors from Asian countries stood at 19,619 with an additional 99 from Africa, 1,233 from Europe, 402 from America, 104 from Australia and New Zealand, and 111 from other nationalities.

When highlighting top Khareef Salalah visitors by nationality, excluding GCC nationals, Indian nationals comprised 12,582 of the visitors, followed by 4,380 from Pakistan, 1,327 from Yemen, 1.202 from Egypt, 1,185 from Bangladesh, and the rest were from other countries like Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Aljeria, Iraq, Palestain, Comoros Islands, Japan, Iran, China, Sri Lanka, Phillippines, Nepal, Ethiopia, Cameron, the united Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Spain, Russia, Belgium, the United States, Argentina, and other countries.