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New Vision, Manaseer Information Technology launch HUMAX Satellite in Jordan

Representing a pioneering step in the Kingdom

New Vision – the authorized distributor of LG Electronics’ household appliances, home entertainment devices, ACs and mobile phones in Jordan – has entered a strategic partnership with Manaseer Information Technology to launch the revolutionary new HUMAX satellite receiver on the Jordanian market for the first time.

The device will be available at all New Vision showrooms across the Kingdom alongside the distributor’s extensive range of LG products.

Providing a diverse selection of international programing, the HUMAX satellite offers a limitless assortment of films and televisions shows from around the world. Featuring Arabic and Indian films, as well as the best American films Hollywood has to offer, HUMAX presents both translated and untranslated content, including everything from timeless classics to the latest hits. The device also enables users to transform a regular television into a smart television, utilizing special services in addition to channels that broadcast directly without the need for a receiver.

“We at New Vision take pride in the fact that we are consistently at the forefront in launching exceptional products and services in Jordan, continuously striving to provide high-quality international offerings to the public at competitive prices,” remarked New Vision Chief Commercial Officer, Nassim Dissi.

“In this regard, we greatly value our strategic partnership with Manaseer Information Technology, which has enabled us to launch pioneering HUMAX technology on the Jordanian market for the first time. We are firmly committed to continuing to provide the very best for our customers so that we may remain their ideal choice for household appliances and home entertainment devices in the Kingdom.”

New Vision showcases LG Electronics’ products at 22 main locations distributed among many of the Kingdom’s Governorates, including Amman, Irbid, Zarqa, Madaba, Aqaba, Karak, Ramtha, Russaifeh and Salt, all of which were designed in accordance with the highest international technical standards.