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Nissan Middle East launches new range of “Nissan Genuine Motor Oil”

Nissan’s Genuine Motor Oil (NGMO) business grows 70 per cent as auto maker continues to expands across the Middle East

Nissan Middle East’s Aftersales Division, which handles the development and distribution of the auto makers Genuine Oils in the region, reported a 70 percent increase in volume growth in CY2014 following the Introduction of Fully Synthetic Genuine Engine Oil (5W30) and expansion to other Markets.

The New Nissan Genuine Synthetic Oil is Custom Designed for Nissan Vehicles as per the Regional conditions and delivers lasting Engine Performance and Reduction in the Maintenance Cost of the Nissan Vehicles. This has led to a huge growth in Customer opting for Nissan Genuine Range of Motor Oils.

Following the launch of Nissan’s 5W30, demand has continued to rise as customers have seen the benefit of using motor oil that is tailored to the region’s environmental conditions, offering prolonged engine life and reduced maintenance costs. Subsequently, Nissan Genuine Motor Oil has expanded its reach into additional regional markets in addition to the GCC, now available in Lebanon, Jordan and Azerbaijan through its National Sales Companies .

Nissan’s regional Aftersales Deputy General Manager, Mohamed AbdelSamad, said: “It is encouraging to see that regional consumers are seeing the benefits of our expanding motor oil range and that we tailor specific products for our customers in the Middle East.

“The 70 percent rise in volume growth is clear indication that drivers across the region are opting for quality they can trust. We invested significant time and resource in R&D to bring our customers an optimized oil that offers reliability, efficiency and safety for engine’s that have to operate in heat intensive environments. As a result of the growing popularity of our motor oil we have expanded to additional markets outside of the GCC, connecting with new customers in Jordan, Lebanon and Azerbaijan.”

Nissan Genuine Motor Oil has a range of premium products including its 5W30 and 20W50 oils that offer extended engine life, increased oil replacement periods which significantly reduce maintenance costs for consumers. Nissan’s motoring oils are available through its main National Sales Companies but can also be found at Nissan Service Centers, Parts Outlets and Authorized Oil Wholesalers across the Middle East.