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No more storage available? Smartphone problems solved!

Everyone has experienced or heard of someone who has received the dreadful: “No more storage available”, message.

Google and Microsoft have just found the solution, while Apple released support for it back in June of 2017.

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High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF)

This new image file format, developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), back in the summer of 2015; It gained a lot of praise from enthusiasts and is now finally coming to our devices.

MPEG claims that this new format takes up half the space of a normal JPEG; the usual format pictures are compiled as. Also offering better quality in terms of information that a file might have.

This means you can now have more in-depth colors in pictures while also saving a lot of space.

Not only that but editing just became more efficient.

With this new format, overlays and other aspects of image transformations are no longer in the ‘image’ itself; they are added as instructions to be made when opening the image, on the fly.

In conclusion, what does this mean to you, an End-User:

1-More space.

2-Better quality (colors, contrasts and brightness attributes).

3-It’s already available for free.

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How to get it

For now, it’s only available for Windows, Mac OS, and IOS (iPhones running IOS 11).

With Android gaining support; it will be available in August when Android P is released.

Nokia released the source code of this new format for web developers to incorporate it into their websites.

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The bad news

While the upsides are plenty (especially for Apple devices), there are some downsides.

Android P; will support the new format, but older/lower-end devices won’t.

The reason for this is both, hardware limitations and companies unwilling to buy licenses for said devices.

Windows; just added support so you will have to sit through a much-hated long update process where you either have to force-update Windows 10 or choose the update, but will leave you with at least 30 minutes of downtime.



HEIF (0.38MB)

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Courtesy of Nokia, More.