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Number of tourists coming to Egypt rises by nearly 3 per cent

Eastern European countries accounted for the highest number of visitors, at 38.2 per cent during July 2015

The number of tourists coming from all over the world to Egypt rose during last July by 2.9 per cent to 9.11 million tourists compared to 8.85 million tourists during the same month last year.

The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) reveals that the countries of Eastern Europe accounted for 38.2 per cent, the highest number of tourists to Egypt during July 2015, reports UAE-based Aliqtisadi.

CAPMAS points out that Russia topped the list of countries exporting tourists to Egypt during July, accounting for 67.1 per cent of the total tourist arrivals from Eastern Europe.

Western Europe came second, amounting to 33.9 per cent, with United Kingdom as the highest exporter of tourists to Egypt accounting for 28 per cent of the total tourist arrivals from Western Europe.

The Middle East followed, with the number of arrivals accounting for 17.0 per cent and Saudi Arabia topped the list as the highest exporter of tourists to Egypt, accounting for 36.9 per cent, while the share of tourist arrivals from the rest of the world reached roughly 10.9 per cent.