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ODS2 present smart hospitality solutions at ATM 2015

Technology is enhancing business performance in the region with intelligent software, especially in the field of hospitality.

For more than a decade, global technology leaders ODS2 has been delivering innovative turnkey technology solutions to leading organizations across 40 countries and growing.

Technology is enhancing business performance in the region with intelligent software, especially in the field of hospitality.

The three-time recipient of Deloitte Fast 500, ODS2, is eyeing this exponential market and is showcasing a number of smart hospitality solutions at Arabian Travel Market 2015.

Speaking at the ATM, the company’s COO Gurpreet Jajj and Director, Business Development Amar Judge, said, “ODS2 is a leading global technology provider specialized in building customized business software. Innovation is our strength and code runs in our blood. We are a full-service premium technology firm specialized in building cutting-edge web and mobile software applications. Our business intelligence software is designed to help companies to be more efficient, spot areas for cost savings and identify new business opportunities”.

The IT firm was founded in The Netherlands in 1999. Today ODS2’s growth has led to its global presence with offices in The Netherlands, Canada, and USA with headquarters in UAE.

Amar stressed, “Client satisfaction has popularized ODS2 solutions within their respective industries fostering an organic growth. For over a decade we have been delivering software solutions worldwide from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The world’s best and brightest companies depend on ODS2 to unlock the insights of employees, customers and partners. Amongst a diverse set of industries the growing number of companies benefitting include Vodafone, Jumeirah, KPN, Safe Hotels, HBO, Logitech, Nuon, Microsoft, Samsung to name a few”.

ODS2 offers an array of intelligent hospitality solutions for every aspect of the hotel business that are designed to boost efficiency, performance and profits. Gurpreet said, “Our objective is to provide software that is affordable, flexible, web-centric and easy-to-use that can be accessed from anywhere in real-time—including on mobile devices—that mimics the services they use in their daily lives. Amongst the list of hospitality solutions are loyalty programmes, HR & training programmes, risk management & auditing, asset & property management, customer satisfaction surveys or security & incident management; moreover, we also customize solutions to meet your organizational needs”.

Gurpreet further stressed, “ODS2 software allows hoteliers to organize and manage all their processes from one central system. For example, HR, training, HSE audits, incident reporting, sustainability, risk management can all be managed from one system. State-of-the-art security and a hierarchy based permission system allow different levels of user access. Intuitive dashboard design provides a 360 degree insight into business operations in real-time.

Advanced KPI’s and various forms of reporting convert collected data into meaningful information and allow you to follow trends and make informed decisions as the processes unfold.

Companies are able to make the most of their resources and turn mountains of data into opportunity. ODS2 cloud based solutions are fully capable of integrating with your existing IT ecosystem and benefit hoteliers by greatly reducing capital expenditures and IT related costs. From simple content-based metrics to sophisticated analysis, our software provides a more complete view on customer & competitors experience and opportunities therein, and helps executives plan for the future.

The region may have been slow in embracing technology but moving forward IT spending in the Middle East is projected to reach $243 billion by 2018, which will represent 5.6 per cent of worldwide IT spend according to a forecast by Gartner Inc. and the strongest growth is expected in enterprise software.

Amar commented, “Our goal is to be a viable partner for international firms looking to grow in the UAE and the broader MENA region. We are looking to capitalize on large IT investments by verticals such as tourism and hospitality, telecom, retail, FMCG, consumer goods, media and services, banking and securities, government, manufacturing and natural resources”.