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Oman Air funds student innovation

Oman Air has provided significant backing for corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects throughout the Sultanate

Oman Air has invested in an innovative educational initiative which could help people with special needs.

The project is the brainchild of students at Sultan Qaboos University, in the Omani capital of Muscat, who were challenged to to come up with an invention that could be of commercial value and support the community.

The successful innovation consists of a flexible folding table which can be used to support people with physical disabilities in a range of activities, such as eating, studying, reading and writing.

Paul Gregorowitsch, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Air, commented: “As the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, we are committed to helping to improve the lives of people throughout our country. We are therefore delighted to have had the opportunity to support this project. By investing in the education of students at Sultan Qaboos University, we are also investing in the future well-being of Omani citizens who have special needs. This continues our ongoing corporate social responsibility programme which aims to change lives, help business and improve understanding of our constantly-changing society.”

Dr Khalid Abdul Wahab Ahmed Al Balushi, Senior Manager Government Relations and Sustainability at Oman Air, added: “This innovative project builds on Oman Air’s recent support for other initiatives involving Sultan Qaboos University. These have included the Tab for Giving campaign, which helped people who need prosthetic limbs, and have underlined the airline’s commitment to supporting all sections of Omani society.”

Oman Air has provided significant backing for corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects throughout the Sultanate. Its work in this area was recognised in October 2015 at the 9th Aviation Business Awards, where Oman Air’s long-term programme to increase access to air travel for people living on low incomes in Oman won Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year.

A key part of the programme enables Omani citizens with special needs, who are on low-incomes and require airline tickets, to purchase discounted tickets. Tickets can be used for travel to seek medical treatment or educational support, or for any other reason that will have a positive impact on the customer’s medical, educational or social welfare.