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Oman Ministry of Tourism organizes interactive event in Kuwait

To strengthen position as premiere travel destination .

The Oman Ministry of Tourism has organized an interactive event in Kuwait, as part of its active efforts to strengthen Oman’s position as a premiere travel destination in the GCC and beyond.

The event showcased the wide range of tourist activities that Oman has to offer to the people of Kuwait in order to enhance strategic ties with the country’s travel sector.

In the past few months, Oman has witnessed an increase in the influx of visitors from across the Gulf region as well as international countries.

The Ministry aims to raise more awareness among Kuwaiti residents by providing an interactive environment which will provide visitors with a full authentic Omani experience. A special booth highlighted the Sultanate’s rich culture and colorful history by exhibiting several ancient artifacts, playing classic Omani music, and providing visitors with a delicious sampling of genuine Omani culinary treats.

Salim Bin Adey Al Mamari, Director General of Tourism Promotion, Oman Ministry of Tourism, said: “We hold this interactive event to effectively promote Oman as a leading tourist destination across the region. We know for sure that the GCC is an important market for us and we aim to strengthen our partnerships with our neighboring countries through events that celebrate the authentic experience that Oman has to offer. We also plan to improve our business relations with Kuwait’s travel agencies in order to boost the number of Kuwaiti visitors to Oman.”