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OPPO announces aggressive growth plans

Global Technology Brand Targets a Slice of the Premium Smartphone Market in the Middle East with Innovative Devices and Progressive Technology.

Global technology brand, OPPO, has announced aggressive growth plans for the UAE and Middle East markets with an aim to capture a significant portion of the premium smartphone market. OPPO marked its entrance to the UAE market in October 2014 offering consumers a brand with a long history of innovation and designs that offer art as technology.

OPPO’s unique business model focusses on customer feedback playing a vital role in both hardware and software development.

OPPO is present in more than 20 countries today including China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, UAE, Egypt and Mexico. OPPO is also now one of the largest 4G smartphone brands in China with more than 15 percent market share.

OPPO’s latest launch, R5, was very well received in the UAE market. “OPPO products have been received with enthusiasm in the UAE which I believe is a direct result of our efforts to understand the local market and our track-record of innovation coupled with excellent user experience on all products. Although we are new to the Middle East market, OPPO entered the region having had great success in China and South East Asia. We are now looking to expand our footprint in the UAE and use our experience here as a hub to the rest of the Middle East.” said Henry Tang, GCC Regional Sales Manager at OPPO.

A Number of Firsts
Since entering the market, OPPO has had a number of firsts and is now globally known for its smartphones; however the company first entered the Blu-ray market in 2009 in the United States and became the number one sales leader in the global premium Blu-ray player market.

OPPO entered the smartphone market in 2011 with the launch of Find (X903). This was the start of a series of groundbreaking devices, featuring patented technologies. It also marked a milestone that indicated the transformation of OPPO from a manufacturer of everyday mobile phone to an innovator of smartphones.

In May 2012, OPPO launched the Find 3, the second member of Find family, followed by the OPPO Finder in July, the thinnest smartphone in the market at that time with a thickness of only 6.65 mm.

The OPPO N1 was launched in September 2013 as the first smartphone that utilized a rotating camera. The N1 was considered to be one of the most uniquely innovative smartphones of the year. It was during this time that ColorOS, OPPO’s highly customizable version Android was introduced. OPPO subsequently launched the Find 5, the world’s first 5-inch 1080p display, 13 megapixel stacked CMOS sensor camera and 2014 “iF design” award winner (recognized as “the Oscars” of industrial design).

In March 2014, OPPO launched Find 7, its first 4G/LTE flagship smartphone, equipped with a 5.5-inch QHD display and VOOC flash charging technology. The Find 7 received a 5-star rating in “Stuff”, a top-selling gadget magazine from the UK.

Following the Find 7, OPPO launched The N1 mini and the R3 in June. The R3 was regarded as the thinnest 4G/LTE smartphone in the world measuring in at 6.3mm thickness.

Finally, in October 2014, to confirm the innovation strategy adopted by the company, OPPO unveiled the N3 and the R5 at a global launch event in Singapore, taking one more step for creating more innovative products which are designed for life. The N3 was launched as the world’s first smartphone featuring a motorized camera smartphone and the R5 as the slimmest smartphone at just 4.85mm thickness.
Key Milestones
• OPPO is now registered in more than 140 countries with more than 10,000 employees.
• OPPO deploys a unique R&D and technology management system and hosts 2000 patents with a team of 1500+ research specialists.
• OPPO now enjoys 15,000+ points of sale across global markets.
• OPPO has entered more than 20 overseas markets across the globe.

Global and Regional Expansion
Having gained experience and traction in the Chinese market, OPPO saw the opportunity to introduce their great products across the region, entering the Vietnamese and Indonesian markets. At present, OPPO has entered more than 20 overseas markets, which include: South-East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the America and Australia. OPPO’s mission remains to bring the art of technology to people who would not settle for anything less.

Behind the great success of the OPPO brand, are the OPPO values of being innovative, design oriented and young at heart. OPPO’s smartphones sport the manufacturer’s operating system, Color OS, featuring many user friendly functions such as off-screen gestures and customizable hand gestures for easy access to applications.

OPPO Digital officially entered the head-fi industry, and announced the planar magnetic headphone, the PM-1. The headphones won the EISA award as Best Product of 2014-2015 for its natural sound quality, high sensitivity and high quality design.
In order to achieve all of their aspirations in growing the fan base in the UAE, OPPO has already partnered with key retailers in the market, including two of the leading UAE brands – Jumbo Electronics and Sharaf DG. Both partners have introduced OPPO’s products across 14 stores in the UAE in 2014.

As the mobile industry in the Middle East continues to grow, OPPO has begun to move forward with its plans of expansion into other countries across the region like Iran and GCC countries.