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Panasonic introduces new MB2100 series printers

Network security is enhanced as the IP address filter can restrict access users.

Boasting 24-ppm Quick Duplexing, Panasonic Middle East and Africa (PMMAF)’s new Multi-Function printers, KX-MB2168 and KX-MB2128, will give every organization an immediate and dramatic boost in productivity.

With quick duplexing, it is possible to print out double-sided documents at a rate of 24 ppm, effectively cutting print time in half when compared to standard 26-ppm MFP.

“With Secure Print, it can prevent confidential documents from being leaked by protecting them with very high level security,” states Nelson Edward, Manager, System Networks and Communication, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa. “Print data is password-protected and temporarily stored on computer’s hard drive. Information leaks caused by fax transmission mistakes are also prevented by protecting against erroneous dial number input and by placing restrictions on direct dialing. Copying and printing can be restricted by the use of a department code. Also, the code effectively manages copying and printing usage.”

Multiple sets of data can be printed onto a single page by dividing the page into 2, 4, 6, 8 or 16 parts (2, 4 or 8 parts when copying). This is convenient for providing an overall view of the data, when it’s not necessary to see the details of each part. By combining this with duplex printing, the number of recording pages is also reduced, and the printing time is shortened by reducing the number of printed sheets.

Faxes received can be viewed on a PC web browser first, and then it can decided whether to print, save them to the PC, or delete them, minimizing wasteful printouts and saving paper costs.

The Easy Print Utility, multi-document print application lets merge multiple file types, such as Microsoft® Word and Excel® files into a single print job or PDF file. The Easy Print Utility provides a real time preview of the print output and offers the ability to modify the print layout and page order. It also has the ability to add a custom document header, footer or watermark to document before printing.

Documents scanned from the main unit can automatically be sent via the network or USB cable to a Personal Computer, e-mail address, FTP server, or a shared network folder and saved into a wide range of formats.

The printers are also compatible with the Google Cloud Print and Panasonic mobile print application, enabling printing text or graphic data from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, making it ideal for business use, where speed is crucial.

Up to 30 PCs can be connected to a single unit on a network which lets a single all-in-one printer meet the needs of everyone in the office. The status can be checked and the setting of the unit can be changed right on the PC screen.

Network security is enhanced as the IP address filter can restrict access users. This provides powerful support for today’s businesses, which place strong emphasis on information security.
The new printers also come with standard Ethernet network port which means the printer can be controlled from any PC on the local area network. These models are also equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi® wireless network function. The WPS key on the control panel allows to easily configure a wireless network when a Wi-Fi® router is installed.