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Panasonic launches 2 in 1 smartphone that connects land lines with mobiles

Panasonic, the world leader in telephone technology, has launched an innovative new 2 in 1 Smartphone that enables users to make and receive land line calls on their mobile phone while relaxing at home or answer a landline call with the smartphone nearby.

Commenting on the launch, Yukihiro Tanaka, Marketing Manager of the Saudi Arabia Office for Panasonic Middle East & Africa, said: “This is one of the most exciting new innovations in telephone technology that is shaping the future of communications and we are confident that this user-friendly smartphone will be a welcome addition to the communications devices in homes throughout Saudi Arabia due to its many convenient features, sophisticated design and premium quality performance.”

Adding his comments, Shoukat Al-Mostarihi, Networks & Communication Department Manager at Alesayi Electronics Company Ltd. said; “At Alesayi Electronics Company we are always introducing useful and unique products and excellent services to the Saudi market and we are proud to launch Panasonic’s KX-PRX150 Smartphone which is an important breakthrough in personal and business communications technologies.”

The Panasonic KX-PRX150 Home & Mobile 2-in-1 is a multi-function device with answering system features and can be used as a cordless land line phone in the house and outside as a 3G mobile phone. It supports 3G/GSM Mobile Network and Landline (DECT-GAP) at the same time and features Android Operation System 4.0, Google Play Support, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Connection and Camera for video calls. The smartphone connection application can be downloaded from Google Play ™ or App Store free of charge.

Connecting the phone with networks is simple. Just like any smartphone, you can easily insert an SIM card for it to be mobile accessible. In terms of the fixed network, the base station must simply connect with a router or your telephone socket, just like any other landline phone.

Dialing a number using the landline function works automatically as soon as you are in range of the base station which transmits a signal back to your smartphone. The KX-PRX150 Smartphone can be connected to as many as four mobiles, calls can be transferred between phones and conference calls can be held with up to three people.

The dual-functionality has a number of other advantages: your address book, wallpapers and ringtones can be uploaded on both your landline and mobile; email, calendars and social networks can be checked from a landline; and you can pick up messages from your fixed line voice mail on your smartphone. What’s more, you can use the cheapest rates with the same phone since before each call you can choose between landline and mobile networks.

The new Panasonic line-up launched today includes four new Smartphones with many unique features that is promising to shape the future of communications.