Complex Made Simple

PepsiCo reveals autonomous robot that delivers snacks!

Three robots are roaming around the ThinkScience events delivering snacks to those who have summoned them on PepsiCo's Smartbot app.

The company is showcasing how it applies technology to solve everyday challenges ThinkScience is a leading science fair aimed at boosting youth interest in technology and innovation PepsiCo will also reveal a smart recycling station designed by engineering students

Global food and beverage company PepsiCo is putting on quite a display at Think Science, the largest science-based event for youth in the region, taking place in Zayed University in  Dubai on February 17, and Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi on February 24.

The company is showcasing how it applies technology to solve everyday challenges. A key attraction is PepsiCo’s Smartbot.


What does it do?

Three of PepsiCo’s Smartbots are roaming around the Think Science fair delivering Pepsi, Aquafina, Lay’s and Quaker products. Once an order is placed through the Smartbot app, the Smartbot will make its way to a designated meeting spot, its lid will open for the recipient, and, once they have retrieved their order, the Smartbot will move to the next location.

Mustafa Shamseldin, Senior VP, Foods Category, MENA and Asia Pacific, PepsiCo




“Think Science is a phenomenal platform for us to demonstrate the potential for STEM careers to make a difference to our everyday life, as well as to the world around us. Our company revolves around science, and we are committed, through Performance with Purpose, to encouraging more young people to pursue careers within the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as these are the fields that have the potential to change our communities and the planet for the better,” said Mustafa Shamseldin, Senior Vice President, Foods Category, MENA and Asia Pacific, PepsiCo.

PepsiCo will also demonstrate and reveal a smart, simple recycling station designed by engineering students from Rochester Institute of Technology in Dubai, which will recycle plastic and cans waste throughout the event. PepsiCo’s Performance with Purpose 2025 Goal is to design 100 percent of its packaging to be recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable, with increased recycled materials in its plastic packaging, thereby reducing its carbon impact and increasing recycling rates.