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Qatar Airways Cargo brings the magic of Disney to Doha

Qatar Airways Cargo provides fully-integrated events charter solutions for large-scale productions, exhibitions and conferences

Qatar Airways Cargo was the official transportation company for Disney’s Beauty & the Beast production as it moved from Bucharest in Romania to Doha’s Qatar National Convention Centre on board the airline’s B747 Freighter this December.

The 70-tonne shipment, which was arranged by Qatar Airways Cargo’s dedicated charter team, took up the entire capacity of the B747 freighter and included the full production specifications from cables to speakers, scenery and costumes.

“We are delighted to be in a position to offer our clients turnkey global charter solutions that can be adapted to large-scale shipments such as this production of Disney’s Beauty & the Beast,” said Mr. Ulrich Ogiermann, Qatar Airways Chief Officer Cargo. “The addition of the B747 Freighter to our fleet earlier this year has increased our ability to offer our customers bespoke and fully-integrated charter options for over-sized industry shipments, and reflects our commitment to future expansion and growth of both our fleet and our network,” Ulrich added.

Hussein Fakhri, TripleTwo CEO said, “Staging a large Broadway musical such as Disney’s Beauty & The Beast is always challenging, and Qatar Airways Cargo has done a wonderful job as the official transportation company for this production in Qatar. On behalf of PREMIUM EVENTS, the sister company of TripleTwo, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those involved for helping to make it happen.”

Qatar Airways Cargo’s charter service offers quality, reliable and cost-effective global charter solutions through its extensive network of more than 150 passenger and 48 freighter destinations. The freighter fleet currently includes eight Boeing 777 freighters, six Airbus A330 freighters and one Boeing 747 freighter, complemented by 173 passenger aircraft offering belly hold cargo capacity.

The flexible charter product offered by Qatar Airways Cargo gives clients the option of full charter – utilising the entire capacity of the aircraft; partial or split charter – utilising partial freighter capacity; and combination charter – utilising a combination of scheduled and charter services.

PREMIUM EVENTS was launched with the aim of bringing world-class shows to Qatar, and what better production to start with than Disney’s Beauty & the Beast? Still ranked as one of the longest-running and highest-grossing Broadway shows of all time, this is a unique opportunity for people in Qatar to see this outstanding musical as it celebrates its 20th anniversary on the stage.

The touring version of Disney’s Beauty & the Beast is known as one of the most complex touring theatre productions on the market, with more than 40 actors on stage, more than 1,000 costume pieces, a lavish stage set and an enormous technical effort. The show tours with more than 60 people, 14 trailers, its own props and costumes, and dedicated sound, light and video production.