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Qatar’s transport ventures at full steam, unabated by oil price downtrend: Minister

Ministry is in the process of floating a number of tenders for ambitious projects

Multi-billion-dollar transport projects in Qatar are progressing unabated and will not be delayed as a result of the downturn in oil prices in international markets, the country’s transport minister assures.

“The country’s transport and port projects are sensitive, vital and important and will not be delayed by oil prices or anything else,” says Qatar minister Jassim bin Seif Ahmed al-Sulaiti.

He notes that work at the country’s port and railway projects and other public transport ventures is ongoing and will be finished on time.

Al-Sulaiti says the national private sector continues to reap the fruits of these projects after the prime minister had ordered that the project should have 30 per cent of the value of the government’s transport project.

In fact, the private sector is carrying out 55 per cent of these projects and this is a significant figure, the minister adds in remarks published by Al-Arab daily.

Speaking on the sidelines of the fourth annual Qatar Transport Conference, Al-Sulaiti indicates that a staggering $44 billion is being spent on current public transport projects and another $38bn will also be spent.

He reveals that his ministry is in the process of floating a number of tenders for ambitious public transport projects, saying the conference is an opportunity to highlight current and prospective ventures.