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QNCC and Tarsheed join hands to educate Qatar on the benefits of conservation

This is just another way in which the partnership between AMLAK and Tarsheed contributes to Qatar’s environmental development

The ongoing collaboration between AMLAK and Tarsheed, the National Program for Conservation and Energy Efficiency for KAHRAMAA, has resulted in a massive campaign supporting Tarsheed’s initiatives on one of the most prominent glass façade of the Qatar National Convention Centre – which is managed by AMLAK.

The immense 1200.00 m² artwork, is visible from miles away, ensuring that people on the busy road in Education City are educated about the concept and what Tarsheed aim to achieve in the long term.

Addressing the Qatar National Vision 2030 for Environmental Development, the new advertisement provides a balance between developmental needs and protecting the environment by utilizing a large and existing structure, the QNCC wall, to share the message of conservation.

“Our on-going collaboration with KHARAMAA in support of Tarsheed’s continuous effort to contribute to the conservation and energy efficiency efforts in Qatar. Providing Tarsheed with a space to share its conservation message is just one of the ways in which we are contributing to these efforts. All the properties that we manage are built to conservation guidelines and contribute to the sustainable development of Qatar and its economy, QNCC has a Gold Certification by US GBC LEED, confirming the structure’s continued sustainability efforts,” said Abdul Aziz Al Emadi, CEO of AMLAK.

Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), operated by AMLAK Holding, recently won three prestigious awards from three separate awards bodies for its excellence as one of the leading convention and exhibition centres in the world and its commitment to sustainability.

Abdul Aziz Ahmed Al-Hammadi, Conservation and Energy Efficiency Manager, Kahramaa, said: “Our commitment to providing the highest levels of care for the country’s wealth, resources, and sustainability without negatively affecting the environment, is reflected in our partnership with AMLAK. Using the wall of QNCC to educate the people of Qatar about the immense benefits of conservation enables us to better communicate one of the main sustainability pillars in Qatar’s national agenda.”

Earlier this year, AMLAK signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with KAHRAMAA with the aim strengthening their common interest in preserving the natural resources in Qatar, particularly regarding the conservation and efficient use of water and electricity, for the economic and social benefits of present and future generations.

The ongoing collaboration between AMLAK and Tarsheed provides an excellent opportunity for both entities to raise the bar when it comes to efficient energy use in the tourism sector; one of the goals is to achieve a 35% reduction in water and 20% in electricity use per person in Qatar. AMLAK considers sustainability in every project it manages with a goal of contributing to the Qatar National Vision 2030.

By creating a balance between its scope of business and development, and the protection of its natural environment, AMLAK reinforces its commitment to the environment by creating a green footprint in the sustainable future of Qatar.